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Changing Login Background of Gnome

Most of the Debian Gnome distributions have a blank or solid colored login panel background. Now there's no option in the Tweak Tool or Settings to change, so you need to do it manually by modifying the gnome-shell.css & other files.

Code: WORKDIR=~/tmp/gdm-login-background GST=/usr/share/gnome-shell/gnome-shell-theme.gresource GSTRES=$(basename $GST) mkdir -p $WORKDIR cd $WORKDIR mkdir theme for r in `gresource list $GST`; do gresource extract $GST $r >$WORKDIR$(echo $r | sed -e 's/^\/org\/gnome\/shell\//\//g') done cd theme cp "$IMAGE" ./ echo " #lockDialogGroup { background: #2e3436 url(resource:///org/gnome/shell/theme/$(basename $IMAGE)); background-size: cover; background-repeat: no-repeat; }" >>gnome-shell.css echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <gresources> <gresource prefix="/org/gnome/shell/theme">' >"${GSTRES}.xml" for r in `ls *.*`; do …