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Easter Egg | Mr Robot Season 3 Episode 2

Today I'll be sharing with you a little easter egg i found in the Show , Mr Robot.

This easter egg just came as a small snippet from Season 3, Episode 2.
If you've watched this episode you know that in the ending, FBI gets the Email which Elliot sends to Darlene. FBI Officer assuming this email may contain some evidence about Tyrell, opens it up & Clicks on the Link which is on the email. You can see the URL right? FBI officer clicked on this URL.
Now the Easter Egg is hidden here ;) Lets click this URL and see where it takes us to.
a webpage with a base64 encoded code :) lets decode it. 

Now as you can, after decoding the base64, it doesnt really shows up a text or a code. But remember? The URL ended up with "Plans.rar", so this might be a RAR compressed file which was encoded into base64.
Allright lets copy this decoded code and paste it into a text editor and then save it as "Plans.rar"

We got a working RAR file :)
Now lets extract it's contents.